My name is Lilly and I am the founder, a Vietnamese mother of three, who was inspired to provide ethical and stylish childrens clothing available for everyone. My oldest son, Kenny, is seventeen, Mason is three, and my youngest daughter Emma is one. The name Kem was created from each of my childrens initials, as a creative way to integrate my three biggest inspirations into my business. 

I was an office manager in an integrated healthcare clinic for many years. When I gave birth to Mason, I knew I wanted to stay home full time. It didnt take long before I got pregnant with Emma, and the idea of being a work-from-home mom solidified. With two young children at home, I wanted to do something I was passionate about while being present in their lives every day.

The idea of shopping for comfortable and fashionable clothes was essential with multiple kids. When my first son Kenny was younger, most options were only available in retail stores at the mall. The world of online retail hadnt skyrocketed yet, and many kids wore the same clothing pieces. By the time I had Mason, online businesses were all the rage. Still, I was motivated to shop small and support independent businesses, especially those owned and operated by fellow moms. 

After a while, I started thinking about my struggles in finding high quality clothing  for my little ones. I wanted to make it possible for parents to buy childrens clothes without sacrificing style, quality, sustainability, ethics, and comfort. Eventually, decided to open my own mom-owned online store, and Kem Kids & Co was officially born. 

Now we offer clothing for both genders, gender-neutral options, and comfortable, trendy, high-quality pieces. As a mom, I understand how important quality is when it comes to what you put on your childs body. I know that many moms struggle to find fashionable pieces they can feel good about purchasing.

We hope you love our products as much as we do. Thank you for supporting our business!

-Lilly <3